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You Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers



What does 17 seconds stand for?

There is a reason these cookies are called 17 second cookies. They come to you frozen. They are homemade with top quality ingredients. They are then packaged and frozen. All you need to do is unwrap one cookie and stick it in the microwave for "17 seconds." Enjoy!

How do I order?

Go to the Shop tab at the very top of the home page. Explore the available options. Select your quantity...then add to cart. Before you submit your order, please review the payment options.

Do you ship your cookies?

Yes. Email me at for options. Frozen cookies (and really big, thick ones) are not easy to ship. We will talk! We do ship cookies frequently.

Why Chocolate Chunk-ip?

Every baker has a chocolate chip cookie. But...these are called Chocolate Chunk-ip because there are chunks AND chips in these cookies. Three different kinds of chocolate and lots of it...!

Any rules for ORDERING?

Please allow a minimum of 10-14 days' notice for your order. I make 6 dozen cookies a week that I allot for my personal orders. IF I have reached that maximum when you place the order, I may have to push it back to another date. SOOOOO- plan ahead when possible!! :)

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